Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance

Aventus Energy is a leading provider of mechanical and electrical maintenance services, catering to the offshore renewables and oil & gas sectors. With a team of skilled professionals, they offer comprehensive solutions to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of offshore installations, including wind turbines, wave and tidal energy systems, and oil & gas platforms.

Their mechanical maintenance services cover a wide range of components, such as gearboxes, pumps, motors, and hydraulics, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing equipment downtime. Additionally, Aventus Energy's electrical maintenance solutions address the inspection, testing, and repair of electrical systems, power generation equipment, and control systems.

Committed to safety and environmental sustainability, Aventus Energy prioritises the use of advanced technologies, industry best practices, and rigorous quality standards in their service offerings. This dedication allows them to effectively maintain the efficiency, reliability, and safety of offshore energy assets, supporting the growth of renewable energy and the continued operations of the oil & gas industry.